The Gate Of Heaven

The air is silent as night dissipates.
Walking worn corridors in dawn stillness, anticipating what is about to take place,
My heart quickens at the thought:
Two worlds set on course for collision
are about to explode in display.
This place…
If only walls could speak.
For these ones have seen all manner of muse and music –
entertainment attempting to fill
humanity’s lust for excitement,
and moments outside of the ordinary.
These decorated hallways tell a repetitive story –
Of success, beauty, platinums.
So many trophies lining the walls,
Yet the faces I see are
frozen in their own glory.
We hunger for deepest life as if it must be earned;
Striving to prove our significance,
flashing qualifications for recognition;
The insatiable appetite eats us up.
Yet hunger remains.
“momentary” seems the only meal
we manage to digest, I suppose:
For death is no respector
of persons.
I walk onward, past cardboard smiles and glamourous facades,
as the sky outside cracks with light.
The day is awakening!
Voices murmur and footsteps thicken as ordinary faces arrive,
hearts and hands at the ready.
Gathering in expectation,
they move fluidly – harmoniously in rhythm;
People from every tribe and tongue.
This is the Church, in motion.
Tonight, these much-traversed hallways shall not echo with emptiness anymore.
They will resound with a weight of praise that no celebrity can contend for,
Praise for a King with unrivalled fame;
a Saviour in who’s name we live and move and have our being.
Walls cannot contain his pure glory;
Nor mortality reduce his reign
to one single era of History.
For He is Spirit and He is Truth,
And His Word hovers ready
to settle within longing hearts.
“Speak Lord, for we are listening”
will be the cry that arises
in every corner of the building.
The cry of those enthralled with His voice,
welcoming communion with Him.
Oh, be attentive, you with bruised and tattered souls – pay attention to his whisper!
For He will repair you with his truth.
As I walk, a Kingdom wrought in shadows
is emerging from anonymity to take the center stage.
This museum erected to acclaim the ‘greats’
Shall become the gate of Heaven.
Watch, world! As He inhabits the praises of His Bride –
resurrection life explodes like star-burst galaxies!
Tonight these walls will witness
unenvisioned glory resting upon raw, restless humanity.
Beauty transforming, reviving
the most withered and weary of souls.
He will fill every crack and cavern,
every deficit of identity with His Love, and His passion, for that is who He is.
HE is everything everlasting.
All-sustaining, He is the true bread of Life.
Come and see, come eat of His love;
Drink great, deep draughts of His Spirit –
A fountain that never ceases to flow.
O, taste and see! Taste and see that our God is good, and his love endures
For a thousand generations.
I pause before a window
As sunlight pierces night’s
lingering clouds, and morning
bursts like molten gold,
Infusing the grey with Hope.
This is a new beginning.
I have come full circle on my
patrol through quiet hallways,
with vision for the coming day
Inscribed upon my heart.
I am reminded that, like rhythm –
day and night;
sunrise, sunset,
tide and season –
summer and autumn,
So is His mercy and faithfulness.
I have nothing without it,
this abundance of life that he supplies:
For it is priceless treasure
placed in jars of clay such as me and you –
that those seeking truth may discover
when through the cracks they glimpse
it’s glorious worth.
“Yes, Lord Jesus” my heart whispers.
“May your kingdom come,
on earth, as it is in heaven.”

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