The Ache of Absence

Distance makes the heart grow fond, they say, and I feel The truth of those words searing through my bones in a familiar way. As days filled with your absence stretch before me, I feel like a foreigner in my own skin. _ It’s the ordinary things I miss... How your eyes light up like... Continue Reading →


Pregnancy Diaries|Pt. 1

One uneventful Sunday last year, in early September, my husband and I were getting ready for church in the wee hours of the morning when I decided to do a pregnancy test. We hadn't been trying to conceive but had been talking about starting a family within the next 6 months to a year. I'd... Continue Reading →

“Pride & Prejudice”

I've never been discriminated against based on my nationality or skin colour and I can't imagine what it's like to be placed in that awful position. In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, I'm grateful for two particular voices that spoke up in response-- Jon Foreman and The Preemptive Love Coalition. Truth rings loudly in... Continue Reading →

Toward Home 

I come, dragging leaden feet. Futility fills the silence between us, weighing heavy. More a liability than an asset, dodging the fact that I am indeed who I thought I was not, I defy all imperfection. I am allergic to it. Polishing and preening I prefer to pretend instead; pretend that I am not wretched... Continue Reading →

The Weight in the Wait

"Airport" The word is synonymous with bad coffee, unsmiling customs officers, invasive security checks and the inevitable, unavoidable prospect of... Waiting. There's just no way to escape it. Unless, of course - you get bumped up to one of those magical classes where you're offered a sparkling beverage as soon as you take your seat and the undivided attention... Continue Reading →

“Follow Me”

What does it really mean to follow Jesus? In the environment that I grew up in, this question was sometimes asked as if there was only one way to follow God, or one method of becoming a disciple. So when my own relationship with Jesus started to unfold as a teenager, I would often treat him like an item on... Continue Reading →

Unqualified Assurance

Unqualified | adj. Not competent or sufficiently knowledgeable to do something Assurance | n. Certainty about something I've been thinking a lot about this phrase from Hebrews 10 lately, and how - at first recognition - it doesn't' really seem to make sense. It's a bit of an oxymoron. Being unqualified or lacking qualification (in... Continue Reading →

Peace +

Eternal longings burn inside my earthen body like molten lava, flickering with hope and pain, sorrow and joy; the aches of promises not yet seen. My heart's roughshod, Like a cracked volcano threatening to explode. In this porcelain state I whisper your name-- My safe-harbour God, all-sufficient One. You haven't failed me yet, and never... Continue Reading →

First Breath

   The pain began like exploding fireworks: Fierce, and relentless. There was no doubt you'd made up your mind and our world stood still, breathless. What if this was too soon?! One month before we expected, one whole month! Would the struggle of birth be too much for your tiny heart to bear? Questions swelled and surged like storm-tossed tides but you were... Continue Reading →

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