The Weight in the Wait

"Airport" The word is synonymous with bad coffee, unsmiling customs officers, invasive security checks and the inevitable, unavoidable prospect of... Waiting. There's just no way to escape it. Unless, of course - you get bumped up to one of those magical classes where you're offered a sparkling beverage as soon as you take your seat and the undivided attention... Continue Reading →


“Follow Me”

What does it really mean to follow Jesus? In the environment that I grew up in, this question was sometimes asked as if there was only one way to follow God, or one method of becoming a disciple. So when my own relationship with Jesus started to unfold as a teenager, I would often treat him like an item on... Continue Reading →

Unqualified Assurance

  Unqualified | adj. Not competent or sufficiently knowledgeable to do something Assurance | n. Certainty about something I've been thinking a lot about this phrase from Hebrews 10 lately, and how - at first recognition - it doesn't' really seem to make sense. It's a bit of an oxymoron. Being unqualified or lacking qualification... Continue Reading →

The Graveyard

The graveyard entrance looms as I approach the top of the street in the steady summer heat. Silent and immovable, it is like a sentinel that's seen it all.  A few plant creepers stealthily make their way across its rugged surface, their wiry green vines spreading out like the veins on the back of my hands. Inhaling slowly, I relax... Continue Reading →

“Who wants it?”

June. That was the name of the little old lady in our church by the sea, with its hopeful and humble congregation of thirty or forty believers. We met weekly in a small, modest bowling green at Waihi Beach in New Zealand. According to our bulletin sheets, we were supposed to begin our one Sunday... Continue Reading →

More Than Bread

"He did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord." ~ Deuteronomy 8:3 ~ We live in a world crammed with endless information and blaring social media, to the point where the line between what is rumour and what is truth is... Continue Reading →

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