Royal National Park, Bundeena
Salt Spray | Royal National Park | 11th March 2017

Recently, an acquaintance of mine offered me the use of a camera for an undetermined length of time. Little did he know, I’d been dreaming of experimenting with “real photography” for a few months leading up to his offer, but had no idea how or where I was going to get my hands on anything that even bordered on good quality. Of all the ways I imagined learning more about photography, having a Canon handed to me on a silver platter was not one of them, ha!

Thanks to my friend Tommy, I now have a new toy to experiment with and a fresh creative outlet to explore. I’m already feeling like a kid in a candy store at the prospects of developing skills that have potential for endless creativity and can’t wait to see where this new pursuit will lead! A few people in my family loved photography when I was growing up, and really got into it, but I can’t say it ever interested me personally until I began using instagram around 4 years ago, after inheriting a cute little iPhone 4 from a friend. I guess I now owe it to the world of social media for being the first thing to inspire my attraction to photography – an attraction that has now expanded to experimentation and development.

Having said all this, I am a complete rookie, so very keen for any tips or feedback you may have on the pictures posted here 🙂

The snapshot above is one of my attempts at capturing #water for the WordPress #developingyoureye challenge.

Hope it inspires! x


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